Paradise Wave $PRDS is a lifestyle token, aimed to bring leisure and luxury to your life through our strategically planned products. A perfect example of a RWA project running in the crypto space.
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The project is a unique adoption of Decentralized Financing by a tourism startup in Maldives. The token $PRDS is our backbone and aimed to become a prominent crypto hub in the coming years, we have planned to build a Hotel and develop a Private Decentra Island in Maldives while developing our own AI platform for all travelers around the world. The Mobile app will deliver tailored plans and solutions for your travel needs and help you save during your trip planning by eliminating certain fees you may encounter such as hiring travel agents. Our AI solution-based app will cover everything you’ll need.


Mixing traditional Maldivian décor and modern furnishings, all 18 airconditioned rooms enjoy views of the beach, garden and the peaceful outdoors of a local island in Maldives. All rooms will be equipped with a flat-screen TV, private bathrooms, slippers, dental kit and much more. Perfect destination for budget travelers while we will also have a VIP suite for those who are looking to book a large and spacious rooms with private jacuzzi and lounge area.

Governance NFTs

This collection is a unique limited supply collection that offers governance rights to the holders. Owners of these NFTs are practically shareholders of the company, earning dividens annually from all profit streams of the company.

The Hooked
NFT Collection

A collection where you enjoy various perks and benefits from the utilities for the holder. A collection specifically designed to relate to the rich marine life of the Maldives. Holders can enjoy utilities such as;o Discounts on water sports
o 10% Discount on all drinks
o Discounts on big game fishing trips and excursions

Decentra Island

We plan to acquire a 5 – 10 hectors private island in Maldives after raising the necessary capital once phase I of the project is completed. The forecasted annual revenue from the envisioned private island resort is USD 10,000,000 per year. The island acquisition and development cost will depend on the island, its location, lagoon and size including the development plan of the company.

Mobile App

The app will provide you with unique solutions and offers through our AI through the information and requirements you provide. Our AI can even plan and recommend a diet plan that is custom made for you including solutions to save money when you are travelling.




which will directly be sent to our burn address hence making the token a self-deflationary token


will be used for the project’s development and further liquidity needs and rewarding our token holders.